Guys, we did it! Thanks to everyone who has donated to the donation drive collecting transit passes to benefit refugee families resettled by IRC Seattle. Over the past three months, 25 people have donated a total of 50 ORCA cards, each loaded with $50 in transit fares [fn].

I handed off the cards to IRC this morning. The woman I talked to is the employment specialist who works with refugee families who are resettled in Seattle and she talked about how these ORCA cards would meet real and ongoing needs, so I’m very confident that they will be put to good use.

For those who intended to donate, but never got to it before the drive ended, I would recommend making a monetary donation to IRC – either to to their national office or to any of their 27 local offices (all of which are responsible for their own fundraising) in (for example) Seattle, Salt Lake City,  Tucson, Los Angeles, or any of 23 other cities in the United States. All donations to the national and local offices are being matched right now.

[fn] Okay, to be more precise, one person sent a pass with $100 on it, and I’m counting that as two cards. I’m assuming IRC can give that to a family where it might be shared between multiple people, or one with greater transportation needs.